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John Howard Society

I am deeply proud of my involvement at the John Howard Society of Brandon. I joined the volunteer board of directors of the John Howard Society of Brandon (JHSB) in 2016 and became the President in 2018. Every member of the board, every staff member and every volunteer at JHSB has their own description of […]


Small towns in rural Manitoba all too often become dumping grounds for unwanted pets, especially cats. Stray cats had always been a part of my time in Douglas but in 2019 it really became an issue. I had a cat or two as part of the family since I was little. Sharla claimed she was […]

Face Shield Project

There are so many parts of the face shield project I’m proud of. There’s the fact Creation Nation was equipped and available for the task. There’s the volunteers that came together with complimentary skills. We had local businesses support us with donations of money, raw materials and services. We had creative problem solving and dedication […]

Cast Your Vote

Democracy is a participation event. Months prior to a general election you can participate in the selection of the candidates for each party. The deadline to purchase a membership in the Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba to vote in the nomination election for the Spruce Woods riding is Feb 10th at 5pm. To be eligible […]

Wifi Community Building

It’s easy to assume that everyone enjoys the same privileges and opportunities we do. But that’s not the case. When schools across Manitoba went to a remote learning model in 2020 we quickly realized many of the students in our home town didn’t have access to quality internet services. Our business had a fiber connection […]


July 1st 2000 Summus Inc. opened its doors in Brandon. I was 23 years old and in for a steep learning curve. If I could give that young version of me any advice it would be: In theory, theory and practice are the same thing. In practice they are not. From 2000 to 2007 I […]

A Great Partner

Sharla came to Brandon in July 2011 on a 3 month term contract to work at the brand new Western Manitoba Cancer Centre. Sharla had worked all over Canada and even some time in the Bahamas as a Radiation Therapist at various Cancer Centres as she waited for the job she wanted, in Barrie Ont., […]

My Roots

I trace my roots in the Spruce Woods area back to 1881. My Great Great Grandfather, Richard Brandon, was working on the construction of the railroad. When the tracks reached Douglas Manitoba he decided to homestead north of Douglas and become a farmer. One of Richard’s children was Mathew Brandon. Mathew continued the farming tradition […]